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Today’s tour will take you through the remarkable city of Casablanca. You will have a private guide taking you all over the most important sightseeing of this city and offer you a detailed explanation about the history of each visited part.

Your guide will be personally picking you up from your riad or hotel and taking you back to your place of residence once the tour is over.

We provide you with a professional licensed guide. We also insure you a Multilanguage’s speaking guide to assure you a smooth communication no matter what are your origins.

Tour starts around 9AM unless you suggest otherwise, then we plan our tour depending on your availability.

Your driver will pick you up and take you on a tour to the Hassan ll mosque which is considered to be the largest religious monument in Morocco and the 7th in the world with the tallest minaret at 210 meters.

Afterwards, your driver will be taking you on a guided tour to the Jewish museum which covers an area of 700 square meters, and considered to be the first of its kind in the Arab world.

Located south of “El Maarif” and housed in a beautiful villa surrounded by lush gardens it’s the only Jewish museum in the Islamic world. It relates the history of the once-prosperous Jewish community and its influence on modern Moroccan society. This museum is the richest taking in consideration the fact that it contains more than 1500 historical artifacts including documents, traditional clothing, ceremonial items and a vast collection of photographs.

Once this tour is over with your driver will take you to “The Temple Beth-El” which is a Jewish synagogue in Casablanca and often considered the core of a once lively Jewish society. Its tainted glass windows and other artistic elements, is what attracts tourists to this synagogue.

Afterwards we will be heading to the Jewish Mellah where once a year locals celebrate a “hiloula” which is a prayer festival, at the tomb of the Jewish “Saint Eliahou”.

The Mellah is not really that old comparing the other mellahs in Morocco since it only dates about 100 years but a visit of this sight is always worth the time since we will be passing by the Jewish cemetery which is open and quiet with its well-reserved white stone markers in French, Hebrew and Spanish.

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