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Fez is the spiritual capital, historical and artisanal of Morocco

The guided visit of Fes City and its old Medina is taking a tour that consists of two parts.

The most exciting part will be a walking tour to the oldest and most iconic Medina of Morocco accompanied with a local tour guide which will offer you a detailed explanation about the history of each visited part.

The other part will be outside of the walls which surround the old Medina of Fes city, sure accompanied with a tour guide and private driver .

Tour Highlights

After your breakfast your private guide will be personally picking you up from your accommodation to explore the maze of Morocco.

Your tour will start by visiting the royal palace door which is the oldest and largest in Morocco, then head to the Jewish quarter.

Something fascinating about this place called “Mellah” is that it is officially the first Jewish quarter in Morocco, its fortified walls are standing still until nowadays.

During your guided visit, you will be given a whole historical idea concerning the Jewish dynasty that has lived in this imperial city starting since the 14th century and more specifically since the year of 1438 when the first Mellah was officially established.

You have also the opportunity to visit the synagogue. After this we drive to see the view panoramic of the old medina from one of the two fortresses, then we will go to visit the village of the pottery and mosaic.

The North and South Tower of Fes city provides the best views, it is, after all, the highest point in the city, whether it’s the Observation Deck you’re heading to, or whether you’re a professional photograph, the ability to see 360 degree views of this spectacular old Medina sure is worth it.

Once our tour outside is over we will be heading to discover more about the fascinating old medina which is the largest and oldest dynamic square in the world. It is standing still and very alive like you will witness with your own eyes.

Our walking tour will start by the Blue gate ‘’Bab Boujloud’’ which is the principal gate to the medina, passing by the fruits and vegetables outdoor market while witnessing the locals buying their daily needs for their delicious cooking then we take you to The Madrasa Bou Inania widely acknowledged as a great example of the Marinide’s architecture.

The next point will be the Karaouine University which is the Oldest existing, Continually operating and the first degree Awarding educational institution in the world according to the UNESCO and Guinness World Records, afterwards we continue to the tanneries to see the leather fabric.

After we will visit the dyer souk and The Moulay Idriss Mausoleum then to the Nejjarine square, you’ll take in stunning views of the Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts from inside.

Our exploration of the old part of the medina of Fes doesn’t stop here, so we will take you through the Attarine streets where you will be captivated by the diversity of the scents of oils and spices, you will also get the chance to witness the local artisans (craftsmen) in their workshops.

A lunch break is scheduled during this guided tour anytime you like, your guide will offer you all the necessary suggestions about the local restaurants.

We will be expanding our visit of the imperial city of Fes through the Batha Museum located in a magnificent 19th-century summer palace and rehabilitated to a museum in 1916, the Batha Museum houses a great collection of traditional Moroccan arts and crafts, historical and artistic artifacts which include fine woodcarving, zellij ( Moroccan Tiles) and sculpted plaster.

Once your tour is over we will take you back to your lodging.


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