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Horse and camel riding in Morocco

Our beautiful country offers a vast selection of horse and camel riding destinations, from the desert to the mountains and without overlooking the beach territories along the Atlantic coastline where Essaouira lies on the west of the coast which is very popular amongst the Moroccans.  Each area has its own characteristics and in different environments.

Whether it is luxury you’re after or a back to basics camp, whether it’s mountains or desert or the seaside, Morocco stands as the ideal place for a horse/camel riding holiday.

The country of Morocco represents the ideal territory for so many activities which includes horse riding and camel riding.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro; our agency do all its best to make all your wishes come true while keeping it easy and simple.

Tourists from all over the world choose Morocco as an escape for a nice peaceful holiday and why not a session of horse or camel riding for the fans of that activity.

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