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You will be amazed by today’s tour since it takes you throughout Marrakech city or the red town like it’s called.

You will have a private guide taking you all over the most important sightseeing of this place and offer you a detailed explanation about the history of each visited part and taking you back to your place of residence once the tour is over.

We also insure you a Multilanguage’s speaking guide to assure you a smooth communication no matter what are your origins.

Tour will include the following sites; the Majorelle Gardens, El Koutoubia Mosque, the Jewish Mellah or quarter, The Saadians Tomb, Jamaa Elfna, Ben Youssef Medersa, El Bahia Palace, the Musuem of Marrakech and other places worth visiting.

Marrakech is a city that contains and represents all of Morocco’s exotic North African charm.

You will notice that, throughout your visit of the Majorelle Gardens which is one of the most visited sites of the city.

It took French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) forty years of passion and dedication to create this delightful garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”.  In 1947 he opened his gardens to the public. Also there is The Koutoubia Mosque which is the largest one in Marrakesh; the mosque is ornamented with curved windows, a band of ceramic inlay, and decorative arches with a large plaza overflowing with magnificent gardens.

Once we finish with this historical mosque we will head to the Jewish quarter or Mellah Founded in 1558 by Moulay Abdallah, your guide will be walking you through this entire district and giving you a full resume concerning the history of this area personifying the Jewish culture and presence in Morocco.

Your tour will continue on to the Saadian Tomb which dates back to the Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603) and which were only discovered in 1917. Once discovered they were restored by the Beaux-Arts service and because of the beauty of their decoration, they have been a major attraction for visitors in Marrakech.

Your guide like it was mentioned will be taking you to many historical and charming places which you will get to discover more about them through your tour but we can tell you that you will be ending your tour in Jamaa Elfna which becomes at night time more of a food market with different aromas coming from all over the corners; you can also get to enjoy a bowl of steamed snails in a local spice broth while enjoying the nightlife of Gnaoua music which has that African Reggae kind of rhythm to it.

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